Sweet Sentiments
Delectables and Gift Baskets
​   Understated Elegance...Unquestionable Taste...Uncompromising Quality
"Some Kinda Wonderful" 

​So rich, So moist, So Crazy good

    Your Legacy Mom...  
My inspiration and motivation for the love of this art comes from my mother.  I have many "Sweet Sentiments" of our time spent together baking and cooking. Today my daughters and I share the passion that you have bestowed upon me.  We too, spend every moment we can cooking and baking together.  Thank you Momma  for the tradition that will never leave us.
We began our journey many years ago when I was a little girl.  To my recollection, I was about ten years old.  I recall having to move a bench from one area to another in our very small kitchen that my father had built.  The bench gave me height allowing me the reach I needed to accomplish my tasks.  Mom was quite instructive, but I was never taught by measurement.  It was a little of this and even more of that.  One of moms quotes was "Pansa llena, Corazon contento."  Although you lose a bit in translation, in english it means "Full stomach, Happy heart."     Since I was the youngest of nine, with the majority  of my siblings being boys.  You can imagine, I was often teased.  Many a time I would stomp off  in tears, only to return to mother giving  my brothers  a much deserved scolding, and giving  me the love and  encouragement to continue.   She would say, "no les des attention, vamos a ber los comer lo que isites."  (Pay them no mind, let's watch them eat what you made).
 Sweet Sentiments is a dedication to my mother, my biggest fan. Thank you mom for believing in me and my passion.
This is for you Mom!    I can still  hear your words of wisdom,  encouragement and support.  I close with another one of moms quotes  "Todo lo que aces, lo aces con mucho amor y pasion."
Former Proprietor of Tiendita del Barrio in the Oldest House in the USA SFNM
    Just A Few Compliments​
  • "Thank you.  Your presentation was impecable and all the flavors were to die for.  Nice touch on making it all look like a gift."
  • "Mom's bizcochitos are the best I have ever had.  They truly melt in your mouth.  You cant have just one."
  • "Love, love, love the Strawberry Cake."

  • "Thanks for preparing the lovely sweets for our board meeting.  They were perfect!"
  • "Thank you for the fabulous goody box.  Everything in it was deliriously delicious."

  • "Hi Evelyn, the event went very well and the cookies and scones were perfect and just the right amount!"  You might have picked up a customer or 2 also.  I'm sure we will be working together again."
Photos Courtesy of C. Whitney Ward
Chasing Santa Fe
Thank You Cynthia!